Since the most recent explosion of popularity towards UK garage here in the UK, it’s been very exciting to watch a number of different artists rise to the top of the tree with some serious consistency and oustanding brand building. There have been a number of these that have toed the line between UK bass and garage music with a perfect amount of balance, being able to pack their tunes with explosive energy whilst also maintaining a number of those original, nostalgia-inducing garage featured that make all of our ears stand up when we’re in the club environment.

One of those names is of course MPH, who through one of the most interesting and high quantity release runs has become a truly exciting figure to watch across numerous different sounds. From releasing what seemed to be every few weeks, to now performing at highly impactful events every 7 days, his career is absolutely flying and we can safely say he deserves every second of this UK-wide glory. Today however, we are jumping right back to what made so many people fall in love with the MPH movement, and that is of course a brand new release, coming to us courtesy of the team over at Club Friendly UK.

Being a knewly established imprint, we didn’t quite know which direction this single was going to go in, but within a few seconds of pressing the play button we knew were going to be in for a highly intense thrill ride as washes of colourful atmospherics bound into view. However, this one is all about the breakdown as bulbous, pulsating bass notes pave the way atop skippy 2-stepping rhythms and throwback vocal chops, giving us a seriously old school vibe from the very first breakdown. There is something so electrifying about this production style, marrying oldschool UKG ideals with a more modernized, almost Dexplicit-like bass style, to create something seriously dangerous for the dance.

You can check out the full drop via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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