MPH launches killer new EP with legendary NightBass

Since our inception at The 3000 Network, it’s safe to say that few people have been able to grow and advance their sound as much as MPH. A few years back, it’s safe to say that the Canterbury-based producer was doing all of the right things, you know, gathering a vast array of exciting electronic music, navigating his way around a range of different record labels to spread the word, the good stuff. About a year back, however, the touch-paper seemed to light and suddenly, everything started to explode, with MPH suddenly turning into one of the most versatile producers out there, conquering huge releases in both UK garage and bassline and finding his way onto the upper echelon of record labels populating the scene.

This last month has seen this rise continue to grow, firstly being highlighted as a serious artist to watch by Disclosure during one of their remix livestreams, and then announcing a killer EP with a label that a lot in the bass scene see as the Holy Grail: Night Bass. The LA-based imprint has been hard at work despite the lockdown restrictions, constantly pushing stunning new bass music, with this killer new FIVE, yes FIVE track display from MPH slotting into their catalogue with some serious impact.

We kick off our listening party with a high-octane collaboration as PVC gets involved from the off with a super catchy vocal-toasting over ‘Famous‘, a vibrant display of MPH‘s bass processing skillset, followed by the more rhythm-driven drum shakes and vocal slicing of ‘Useless‘, giving us an immediate dose of that versatility we spoke of earlier. Next, ‘Deja Vu‘ sends us down a warbling ramble down memory lane, with shakey bass synthesizer runs and choppy drums taking the lead on this one, before the silky smooth, heavily padded soundscape of the title track ‘Nova‘ sends the quality of this selection into a different dimension altogether.

Finally, ‘Bus‘ gives us another dose of classic UK bass music, leading with a bassline that alternates unpredictably between breathy wobbles and impactful reesey stabs, putting the finishing touches on an EP that really does show why MPH is the talk of the town in 2021. We have attached the EP below so you can take it in for yourselves:

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