So, first of all, before we dive into this explosive new creation that we couldn’t be happier to be showcasing, let us first explore the root of what bass music has evolved into over the last few years. Through a colourful combination of different roots, from the more niche-inspired 4×4 flavours of the original Sheffield sound, to the more recent inclusions of EDM themes and garage-driven rhythms, the behemoth that bass music has now morphed into is a monster truly set on world domination over the coming months and years. This isn’t something we say lightly, with streaming figures and festival bookings looking higher than ever before for the genre so far this year.

The team at The Wub Club have been working tireless to contribute towards this growth, with their roster now boasting one of the most impressive catalogues of quality bass releases out there, especially over the last two or three years. Forca has been such a pivotal figure in pushing the sound forward not only locally, but around the country as well, which is why when we heard tell of this exciting new collaboration between two very reliable faces, we new we simply had to get involved.

Enter: MPH, without a doubt one of the starlets of bass and garage since the original implementation of lockdown. His stock has risen potentially more than anyone else, both through his colourful garage creations and rumbling bassline originals, giving him a serious level of versatility, which of course promoters up and down the love absolutely adore.

He has joined forces with the fabulous vocal tones of Katie Bosworth to deliver one of the most anthemic releases of the year so far, taking the title ‘Waiting’. This is the pinacle of what bass music can become in our honest opinion, fusing the euphoria of EDM with the groovy arrangements of garage style drums and pure lunarcy of original niche-style LFOs to match. The track itself is laced with good energy, which we can already see causing a serious ruckus just in time for festival season.

You can take a listen to the track via the JunoDownload link below and trust us, if you are looking to up the energy levels, you won’t be dissapointed!

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