We are in a real period of dominance for the UK underground right now across the dance music scene, with the vast roster of new school talent really dictating the way that modern soundscapes are being pushed. The spheres of new school drum and bass, UK bass and garage have been the leading genre formats across the dances for a hot minute now, with a number of labels and imprints now leading the way, both within the clubs and also via the festival stages. One of those labels is of course CruCast, a platform we have been following very closely over the years, especially over the last few months with their increased release scheduling.

When it comes to artists, we have always maintained a whether eye of bass and garage in particular here at The 3000 Network, with one name really standing out over the last 18 months, both for the extreme levels of high output and the consistency bubble within which those tracks are being forged. We are of course talking about MPH, whose colourful, harmonic approach to both garage and bass music has gained him a seriously substantial following, with his catalogue now spanning a vast spectrum and his bookings schedule looking stronger than ever before!


This is therefore a match that packs a tonne of potential, with MPH this time swooping into the more raucous side of his production arsenal for two serious sizzlers, opening up with the audacious arrangements of ‘Barrington’, a masterclass is garage and bass fusion, giving us lively rhythmic arrangements and bubbling drums, next to a system-shattering bassline for good measure. This is a truly explosive introduction, matched by a slightly different approach on ‘Bodies’, diving into a much more UK garage inspired design, giving us a real sense of NUKG flavour, combining shimmering percussion, catchy vocal chops and metallic synthesizer slaps. All of these elements combine together to provide us with a really cool B-side, rounding off the EP with a bang. 

MPH - Barrington / Bodies
MPH – Barrington / Bodies

You can check out both the tracks on Spotify and via our good friends over at JunoDownload:



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