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Movement’s 2 Minute Interviews – #1 Baloo

Posted 25/9/18 in

As one of UK Funky’s foremost DJ’s and advocates, Baloo has been introducing the UK to the infernal and exotic sounds of Funky, Carnival and Tribal music for the last two years. A man utterly and completely obsessed with feel good rhythms and sub low bass, Baloo’s sets are a sight to behold, combining the subtleties of world music with the chest plate bass of the UK underground. Movement spoke to Baloo recently to find out more about the man behind the music…

Q: Where are you right now?

In my room at home nursing a hangover

Q: What did you eat for breakfast today?

The Lidl equivalent of a Rustlers. Not proud of it, but also not scared to admit it was pretty good.

Q: Favourite DJ at the moment?

Tough as there are literally so many, The Busy Twist probably top my list at the moment though. I saw them at Boomtown this year and it was so much fun! Nothing matches their sets for feel-good wholesome energy

Q: Favourite label?

It’s in-between Southpoint, White Peach, RKS and More Time. Sorry very hard to pick just one as there’s so many good ones! Dissident Sound as well of course

Q: If you could go to any club night on the planet right now., where would it be?

I’d probably be cruising around the planet on the world’s first space-station club listening to some kind of aggressive German gabba. That or a pub classics night at The Generous Swan in Slough, lovely establishment.

Q: You can work with one artist of your choosing on a track. Who would it be?

I’d love to be able to work with someone like Fela Kuti but he’s unfortunately no longer with us, RIP Fela. Buju Banton would be the dream guy to have doing any vocals on anything. To be honest though I think the idea of working with a school of samba or drumming troupe excites me the most.

Q: Got any gigs coming up?

Yes a few! Supporting High Focus in Concorde on the 28th, then Champion at Patterns the Friday after that. The latter is a carnival inspired night I co-run with Movement and RVB called Tropicalé. Got a few things towards the beginning of November as well, hopefully more things to announce soon!

Q: And last but not least, whats your favourite type of marine animal;

I’d say a manatee. I’m not sure if they actually live in the sea though or fresh water, my other choice would probably be plankton. They’re just everywhere mate, its kind of impressive.

Baloo’S Essential Mix:

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