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Moudy Afifi adds a moody twist to Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’

Posted 25/7/19 in

The summer sun is shining as we delve into what is said to be one of the hottest periods of the UK‘s history. Today, we embrace that heat as we dive into a fantastic new remix all the way from Cairo, channeling even more heat into the air. Moudy Afifi is in the 3000 eye-line today as he gets to work on a stunning rethink of Tempter Trap‘s colourful ‘Sweet Disposition‘ original.

For this one we want to jump straight into the track, as blissful, steadily evolving extended chords and backseat arpeggios collide in wonder with effected vocal shimmers and steady kick pulses, slowly progressing further and further as we are lead to one hell of a breakdown. Right from the off with this one we are greeted with a wicked sense of warmth, be that from the overall processing of the piece of just the harmonic structure that has been sewn together throughout.

As we cascade willingly over the edge of the breakdown we see the arpeggios take a more lead roll in the performance, with bristling hi hats and a more potent sub-bass structure falling into place. We then hit what we believe to the “pièce de résistance” of the arrangement, as the bulk of the drums give way to a super cinematic breakdown, showcasing the super catchy vocal lines that had been woven throughout the rest of the track in a less intrusive manner. It’s often easy to over-spice a vocal in this instance, but the balance is just so spot on.

Over the summer we are expecting to hear a number of dance-floor ready remixes, but this one goes beyond that in our eyes as the light, fluffy mix down greets us with such a wash of joy.

Grab your Daiquiri and enjoy beautiful sunset to this one any day of the week, we would highly recommend it!

Follow: Moudy Afifi

Words: KXVU

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