Hunting for the finest talent in UK Bass music definitely pays off when we see names that have become mainstays for us at The 3000 Network, killing it time and time again. One of these is of course the German duo IndiAlman, who have been making a name for themselves in UK Garage despite the pandemic and the geographical barriers separating them from the genre’s hotspot in the UK. This time, we’ve been blessed with some of their most golden dubs finally getting a release on the You Could Be EP, courtesy of Strictly House and Garage.


IndiAlman - You Could Be EP
IndiAlman – You Could Be EP


Tapping into their expertise of glitchy, futuristic flavours is title track You Could Be, taking us through the longer days in an uplifting groove and an uncanny joy radiating throughout. The care in the duo’s production shines through in the release’s single, with an intricately crafted adventure through sound defining the track. You Could Be fires up the EP with a touch of longing in its opening moments, building slowly, almost effortlessly through the length of the release.


Following on from the soulful single is Injection, a bass-heavy track that flirts with Ibiza flavours in its flow, calling for a sunrise party with every kick. The glitched-out maximalism here is enough to take any mind on a circuit of emotions. The looping synths add a well-placed melodic accent over the groovy pulses of the drums, bringing a freshness and intricate touch to the opening track.


Blessings brings a brighter spring into its step, with a sharp synth lead matching seamlessly with a hint of brass in its background. The optimistic touch IndiAlman manage to weave into their production glows brighter here than ever before, with the party-oriented track ready to light up a dance floor. Arguably the most percussion driven track of the bunch, Blessings pairs delicate pads with a fierce and punchy rhythm, giving us a true ear-worm.



The euphoric goodness of Chillies nudges the release into seriously dancey territory, with a punch to the gut in the rhythm matching a sunny synth in the top end. A warm touch of ambience carefully balances the track while still allowing the striking melody line to lead the way through the edgy take on the genre. While the track is put together so meticulously, it still doesn’t feel serious, yet instead stays playful by hinting at pop flavours, which closes off the release at a full-circle moment.



Binding together a colourful combination of dance flavours across the board, the synth odyssey on IndiAlman’s first full label release has had us desperate not only for the world to hear it, but also the moments when we can experience it with all those with a similar love of the dance. The stylistic upward surge shown by the pair drives them forward beyond UK Garage territory, making them strong competitors for genres across the wider realm of dance music.

IndiAlman – You Could Be EP is out 9th April on Strictly House and Garage

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