Bassline – a genre with one of the strongest niche legacies within the UK, giving it a strong love-it-or-hate-it reputation across the country. While over time it has evolved and moved firmly back to the underground, we at The 3000 Network have been keeping a very close eye on the genre bubbling just under the surface, which is still taking the north by storm years later. One of the tracks keeping it alive in the underground scene over the last year has been Ya Fool courtesy of 1Forty, shaking up the bass scene back in 2020.

Bass mainstay K-Dot joins forces with the likes of Trilla, Bomma B and Tez Kidd to bring us a powerful squelcher in the label’s first official VIP. Rowdy vocals from the MCs match the fiery energy of the quintessentially British track, dancing between rave and grime seamlessly. The addition of Tez Kidd’s rapid lyricism elevates the track to true head-spinning heights, bringing an exciting drive to a track that is already bursting with energy.

Trilla, K Dot, Tez Kidd, J69, Bomma B - Ya Fook VIP
Trilla, K Dot, Tez Kidd, J69, Bomma B – Ya Fool VIP

The nostalgia rings especially true here with a squelching synth leading the sharp percussive elements, courtesy of Sheffield producer J69. The track comes as a truly northern one in its style, a bombshell we can expect to be tearing up plenty of sound systems later this year.

Once again, 1Forty have shown that they are champions of consistency with their strong run of singles already this year, and they are showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. An authentic love letter to the noughties and their club scene, the powerful combinations of MCs on Ya Fool hits it straight to the back of the net once again.


Ya Fool VIP is out now and available from Beatport below: