Watching the progression of different artists over the years has been one of the best parts about being involved with The 3000 Network on a personal note. There have been so many producers, DJs and artists in general across the breadth of the last 3 years that have come on leaps and bounds, both across their sonic-scope and the branding that comes hand in hand with. Today, we are taking a look at both a label who gives artists a platform to undergo this transition, and an artist who we are particularly fond of, due to his unique take on bass music always raising a couple of eyebrows.

We are of course talking about Mofaux and his brand new single release on YosH, who have been known to push the more unique side of bass music across their now extensive roster. Mofaux however, now somewhat of a veteran of this bass music game, has one of the most exciting personal brands out there, working closely with a number of UK record labels as both a graphic designer and A&R agent. We are here to talk about sound however and boy has Mofaux delivered a bombshell with this spicy new bass-inspired roller by the name of ‘Ready Fi Dem’.

We are all very aware that Mofaux’s production style is drawn to unique sound design and catchy vocal processing, but this one sees him take those themes to an entirely new plateau as rave-ready vocal toasts take a leading role. The general composition takes on an almost 90’s house theme, with vast layers of electronic synthesis providing both texture and sonic story-telling, all leading towards a reese-driven drop that we are certain is going to cause dancefloors around the country to explode. As we said before, watching the progression of artists who put the work in is always an absolute pleasure, so to see this new one from Mofaux land via YosH is fantastic to witness from a fans perspective.

You can check out the full single via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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