Over the course of the last couple of years, we have seen the primary focus of underground dance music shift towards a much more singles-influenced market. Despite the fact that these songs, for the most part anyway, are designed to be heard in a live environment, it’s safe to say that the attention span of the average listener seems to gravitate a lot kinder towards shorter form content. To keep in line with this theme and to make sure their releases are receiving the maximum amount of attention, the team over at Brighton’s Southpoint imprint have been engaging in a regular run of single drops for a number of years, both through their X-series release platform and the Introducing series. 

A few months back, the label announced a movement away from the introducing platform to focus on a much more centralised run of releases, kicking off with a killer selection of original singles from both STPT newcomers and a batch of label veterans from over the years. So far, singles from Daze Prism and DJ Jackum have landed with a tonne of impact, followed by the latest in series, this time welcoming Mofaux inside for a sumptuous new drop entitled ‘Lights Out’.

Mofaux has been one of the most consistent faces within the Southpoint family over the many years of their activity, both as an artist releasing for nearly the entirety of their lifespan and more recently as the visual mastermind behind their art and branding. This single is exactly why the team have always rated him so highly as a producer however as we are greeted with a ruckus-inducing combination of both violent synthesiser slides and a sizzling array of well rounded drum hits. The whole track oozes electronic charisma and bridges the gap nicely between the more raucous side of UK bass and the more stripped back approach we have seen develop over the last 18 months or so. It’s a fantastic drop for Mofaux, who continues a strong 2021!

You can check out the single via our friends over at JunoDownload via the link below:

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