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Mofaux delivers a spicy Friday drop entitled ‘Nasty’

Posted 22/5/20 in

It’s safe to say that Lockdown has had it’s upsides. We have seen communities coming together to help each other alongside online communities doing the same. We have seen an incredible run of charitable work alongside the clear expansion of skill sets for numerous figures across the UK bass scene, with people diving into streaming, mixing, mastering and many other elements in their spare time. This growth of artistry within our ever expanding bass music circle is most definitely a good thing and is one of the reasons why we are so excited to look at today’s selection for review.

Enter: Mofaux, one of the coolest kids on the block right now, with a sound that really does defy being bracketed. Lockdown has seemingly been moderately lucrative for him, with the launch of his design company: Modesigns, he has been flexing his creative outputs with incredibly effective cartoon depictions and drawing challenges which have people hooked! Today however we are here to discuss music and as Mofaux has been a busy boy across the board, he has a new one which dropped today that we cannot wait to get stuck into.

The track itself takes the title ‘Nasty’ and is a fantastic description of where Mofaux currently sits when it comes to sound. From the off the energy levels are high as cheeky, almost circus-like bass synthesizers are deployed on the off-beat to generate some seriously groovy rhythmic structure. The running theme we always seem to find with Mofaux’s creations is that they defy the norm, they refuse to be boxed in and just exhale originality from within whatever genre he finds himself. It’s the perfect combination of dancefloor dynamite and uncharted excellence.

As per, we have attached a link to the track below for your listening pleasure:

Follow: Mofaux

Words: KXVU

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