Moda land a wavy two tracker on Gold Digger

If we were to in 2020 describe bass music as a sound, we would genuinely struggle at finding a point at which to begin, with the sound now becoming so expansive and encompassing, there is simply too much to pack into an introductory sentence. Not only within the UK is this happening either, as the globalisation of the sound continues to grow, hence today’s outing across the channel to one of the most actively followed underground dance music labels in France: Gold Digger.

Based in Marseille, the team behind the label have spent the last few years striving to not only progress France’s underground dance music scene, but also dance music worldwide, with their brand and label sound becoming a staple in DJ sets across numerous continents. For this latest drop, we were very pleased to see them invite the sounds of Moda inside for a highly anticipated two track EP drop. Over the course of lockdown we saw the Moda boys remaining very active indeed, not only by putting out some incredibly exciting releases, but also by starting up the UNDRGRND_UK group, giving producers a platform to collaborate and provide feedback for each other’s creations in a productive environment.

Let’s move onto the EP then as the pair set out to showcase just how hard-hitting their sound can be as they firstly invite the legendary Dread MC onboard for the title track ‘Debts’. This one is a gnarly roller, driven by a combination of Dread’s vocal experience and Moda’s grizzly synth design, both layered of groovy drum skips and spacy half time switch ups. On the flip side, we welcome another guest to the party as KKoi gets involved on ‘Mock Man’, another electronic behemoth, trundling forward amidst a wash of metallic synth scrapes and punchy drum slaps to provide a nice bit of variation from the A-side.

You can check out the full release below: 

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Words: KXVU