There really is no secret to the fact that we hold the hardest working labels in the highest regard over here at The 3000 Network. There are certain imprints that to us really do just stick out as crusaders for the scene, not only pushing fantastic artists to the next level who may not have received the backing they deserve elsewhere, but also in the way they push new music in such a forward thinking and also professional manner.

Today we are going to be discussing the latest release from one of these projects as Downplay, our favourite subsidiary to Slime Recordings make their return with a pretty sublime selection from the one and only MKII. The Downplay team have been showing a fantastic level of consistency in recent months, raising the bar even further for the Slime team, which we absolutely love to see.

All of the different sub-labels under the Slime banner have a fantastic ability to unearth unique and super creative originals, with this latest drop from MKII falling straight into the abstract bracket as we play witness to five pretty powerful originals, all exploring MKII’s unique take on garage and breaksy influences with a combination of complex, grainy sound scaping and intricate rhythmic arrangements on display. With a pretty substantial back catalogue of releases across Four40, Southpoint and our very own 3000 Bass, we couldn’t wait to dive straight into this one.

We begin the tracklisting for this one with a look at the title track ‘Darkness’, which uses lofi-style synth drive with crunchy drum manoeuvres and a sweeping sense of eerie atmosphere to set the mood for the EP very early on with it’s post-apocalyptic yet euphoric feel. Next, ‘Spice’ adds a bit more of a melodic approach with those lead synths starting to fluctuate a lot more with their notation atop more lively drum designs, before the extremely scattered rhythms and gorgeous pad design of ‘Opus’ take centre stage.

The EP has such a unique feel off the first three tunes, which switches slightly as we then move into ‘Tank’, a slower, more clunky take of the modern garage sound, before rounding the project off with frankly divine textural arrangements and atmospheric releases of ‘Stranger’, which strips the drum layers right back to give us an outstanding outro to a truly unique body of work from MKII.


Stream The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘Darkness‘ here:

You can download the full release via our friends over at JunoDownload using the embedded player below:

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