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MKII continues stunning debut form with Slime Recordings link up

Posted 25/4/19 in

As the garage revival continues to blossom, with new producers finding their feet and older names returning with a wealth of experience. This means that we are slowly but surely being blessed with an enormous catalogue of new music, with labels and collective projects such as Slime Recordings rising to the occasion time and time again.

One artist that we have seen ticking all the boxes amidst his emergence goes by the name of MKII, and boasts a truly unique production style, a trait that still somehow sits underrated. In the last few weeks, we have seen nothing short of a tidal wave of content unleashed, as he puts together extremely fulfilling projects with the likes of Four40 and Southpoint, showcasing his original blend of emotive vocal chops and chiming drum sounds.

This latest project sees him team up with the incredibly consistent roster at Slime Recordings for three tracks of pure creative garage bliss, kicking off with the title track ‘Give Me’. This one begins with a box of subtle, rolling sub tones, immediately generating an epic atmosphere, descending into a selection of super vibrant twists and turns topped with some classic vocal slices and funky horn-like melodies.

MKII has a super original sound, that much is clear as we move into the second track on this EP which takes the title ‘Lookin For’. Again, he draws for the epic use of atmospheric space across his introduction, moving into siren like lead synths and bubbling sub bass textures below come the breakdown. The stage is therefore set for a hoperun as we move into the final track ‘Movin’, a grimey little roller that delivers the home run in style.

We love seeing new producers emerge, and this EP is a perfect example of progression in motion and we salute Slime Recordings for supplying such a consistent platform again!

You can preview the full EP below:

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Words: KXVU

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