It’s always an absolute pleasure for us to continue our journey exploring the latest and greatest garage releases here at Threethousand.co.uk. The last few months have thrown out some absolute corkers and in general, the collection of original creations we are starting to see build up is already approaching the same quality level as UKG’s original boom. Today however, we are going to be talking about collaboration and how it can take the garage scene to an entirely new level, especially with tracks like today’s feature in particular.

We are going to be taking a look at the latest single release from Steppers Club, one of the strongest imprints to emerge over the last 18 months, putting a really high quality barrier onto their catalogue meaning we have seen nothing but high-octane brilliance from them so far. They have done the business with this next single as they pull together the combined forces of label regular Minista and the Leeds-based UKG mastery of The Illustration, who link up for a sizzling new single by the name of ‘Bubblin’. 

The track itself is a great representation of the energy levels that can be achieved when we hear two powerful forces link together, with both of their recent catalogues sitting very strong indeed. It  takes a selection of influences, from the rave-ready piano key chops to the floating arpeggio tones and bulbous moogy basslines that occur once we hit the first drop. The whole track has a jittering nature which makes it impossible for you to sit still through its groovy rhythmic slides and unpredictable melodic structure. It’s got a fabulous blend of oldschool and new school themes, making it a must grab for any modern garage DJ.

You can check out the full release via our friends over at JunoDownload using the link below:

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