It’s always enjoyable to see the new breed of garage producers really pushing the scene forward and constantly unleashing new music, especially when we go on to see them expanding their label repetoire and exploring different imprints on their journey. Garage is in a fabulous position in 2022, where there is now a top quality infrastructure of labels and projects for different artists to manouvre and explore, giving birth to such a high quantity of top quality releases across the board. Today we are going to be taking a look at that exact situation as we see the wonderful sounds of Minista, one of the most consistent out there when it comes to UKG, joining forces with Satori London for a vibrant three track display.

As a brand new imprint, what a fabulous way this is to launch into full releasesfor Satori London, who right from the jump impress with a slick art style on this one, focusing on intertwining patterns and luscious backdrops, making it a fitting image for Minista’s first drop, who over the years has impressed with his cleverly designed creations. The label has had a fantastic run of free downloads and edits over the years, but seems like a great way to step up to a full release pattern. This has actually been one of the quieter years for Minista on record, with one release in 2022 previous on Steppers Club back in April being the only packet in store so far. However, this EP is a great example of waiting for good quality creations, as we embrace three fabulously arranged UKG slappers.

From the off, we are intoduced to lively drum rhythms and percussive fusion on ‘Feel It’, the title track of this project for a good reason. These drums are slowly laced with subtle moogy bassline additons and sultry vocal samples, leading towards a skyline sweeping breakdown that will put a smile straight onto your face. From here, Zefer joins the party for another spacious display on ‘Do Ya Baby’, this time lacing the high end with heavily effected pad textures before leading towards a drop of pure euphoria, focussing on big room vocal displays and tidy bass action. Finally, Dxnby arrives on remix duty for ‘Feel It’, again focussing on the minimal but adding a few additional tricks to the mix to round the EP off with a flourish.

You can check out the previews for the EP below via our good friends over at JunoDownload

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