Once again on a fabulous Friday morning, we find ourselves rapidly reaching towards the latest drop from the CruCast team, who have spent the last couple of months unleashing naught but heaters from their now extensive UK bass and D&B roster of artists. It’s been very refreshing to watch this explosion of new content from the mow veteran imprint, who have made such a long lasting impact on the UK’s bass scene for so long. Today, we see them dive back into the grittier side of bass music as they welcome the experimental production approaches of Michael Sparks, who arrives with three very tidy creations, already wrapped up and ready for the dancefloor.

Now Michael Sparks is a name that isn’t afraid to work outside the typical box that bass music can often be categorized within, with a vibrant catalogue of original creations spanning the full breadth of the sound. His approach has earned him quite a substantial number of plaudits, with a catalogue boasting a high volume of official CruCast drops, showing the label not only have a lot of faith in his sound, but are keen to give him the space to push forward and continue his enigmatic exploration.

Michael Sparks - 777 EP
Michael Sparks – 777 EP

This latest collection takes the title ‘777’, kicking off with the grizzly goodness and choppy drum designs of ‘Slayer’, which through a combination of gnarly processing effects, gives us a solid introduction and look into the Sparks sound, delivering a seriously vibrant ruckus inducer. From here, the party continues to enhance in intensity, across the dizzying, euphoric introduction of ‘Roadman’, culminating in a mad collection of unpredictable synthesizer throws, unleashing a tundra of dancefloor energy, swirling and twisted the ravers into an absolute tizz. Finally,  we see a very enjoyable collaboration added to the project as Eloquin arrives from a bubbling masterclass in smoothened bass synthesis, letting loose choppy metallic LFO rolls with skippy 2-step beats to round off the project on ‘Slidin’. 

Overall, this is an EP we can see causing some serious damage in the dances, which you can check out below: