It’s always fun to dive back into our 140 roots here at The 3000 Network, with a large part of our writing staff having flirted with the sounds of grime and dubstep over our now many years of activity. As an over-arching genre bracket, 140’s popularity has moved fluidly between both explosive dubstep flavours and more instrumental-driven grime, with today’s exploration taking a crunchy turn, returning to the realms of the infamous Mean Streets imprint.

Headed up by Trends, this is a label we have always tried to keep a close eye on, especially with the releases they unleash onto the world, with their fabulously gritty house style causing damage in dances across the country. Trends himself is a real forefather of the more electronic side of grime, with this most edition of their ‘Trilogy’ series welcoming back some of the most exciting names among grime’s production community to unleash some sizzling creations indeed.

When we actually look at the roster, it’s safe to say that across the full 10 track collection, this might be one of the strongest collections of production talents we have seen in years, with the full assortment of soundsmith’s looking pretty outstanding to say the least. Just to amplify the magnitude of this collection, we wanted to showcase the full tracklisting for you below:

Trends & Boylan – Turn Up The Volume
Silas – 4×4 Breakbeat
Trends – Mouth Shaker
Ironsoul – Mothra
P Jam – Dun Talk
J Beatz – Time Machine Riddim
D.O.K – Madda Finn
Ironsoul – Destruction
Silas – Rolla
P Jam – Kumasi (VIP)

As you can see, the full collection is pretty outstanding, from the harsh, metallic sounding synth slides of Trends & Boylan’s explosive opener ‘Turn Up The Volume’, to the more majestic reese sweeps of Ironsoul’s ‘Mothra’ and creeping melodics of P Jam’s ‘Dun Talk’. We also hear some seriously cool rhythmic designs the chunky drum slices of ‘4×4 Breakbeat’ from Silas, some typically haunted harmonic layering on Trends’ ‘Mouth Shaker’, and some high octane string work infused into J Beatz’ ‘Time Machine Riddim’, taking us right back to old school Scruface & Stimpy vibes.

The rolling orchestral drum smashes and trap-style snare rolls of D.O.K’s ‘Madda Fin’ then follow in style, with another beautifully layered creation from Ironsoul to follow, taking the title ‘Destruction’ and packing itself full of epic melodic twists and turns. The warbling LFO textures of ‘Rolla’ from Silas then emerge as a serious switch up, before P Jam delivers the long awaited ‘Kumasi’ VIP, rounding off the project with some classic yet modernized grimey flavour.

It’s an outstanding collection, which you can preview via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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