Anyone who’s been paying attention to the UK Bass scene this year will be aware of the energetic MC known as SK; the Drum & Bass MC has been making his mark on the bassline scene with a number of high calibre features, numerous collaborations with Albzzy as well as the likes of Spence, Arundel, Biohzrd and more. Now, he returns to his roots with a heavy duty collaboration making a real statement recruiting the infamous Drum & Bass MC, Mr Traumatik.

A classic jump up instrumental, laid down by producer/ DJ, Error, makes the perfect bed for SK’s vocals as he really shows his stuff with clever and intricate wordplay. When it comes to Mr Traumatik, he’s as consistent and reliable as always, adding his unique sound and energy to the track. Although Mr Traumatik may be the more experienced, SK goes bar for bar and shows he has all the components to be one of the UK scene’s top MCs.

With the inevitable success of the single, it will be interesting to see what direction SK decides to go down next, whether he builds on the success of the new Drum & Bass single or if he returns to the UK Bass scene with features on various artist singles. Whatever he chooses to do, no doubt SK is going to be a serious voice in the UK scene in the next year.

You can check out the full release below:

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