The garage expansion has been quite the thing to watch over the last few years, especially with the newly found energy for live events and nightlife following on from the craziness of the pandemic era. This new lease of life has spurred on a tonne of artists to become even bigger and better than they already were, with the scene now positively buzzing with a wicked combination of production talent. This combo is made up of heavyweight old school talents and exciting newcomers to match, with the whole scene working towards the same outcome.

This has of course led to some interesting collaborative endevours and adventure, between both vocalists and producers. One name that has been heavily involved on both sides of the coin for a long period of time is the one and only Smasher, a mastermind of garage evolution with both his production and vocal work speaking for itself. The veteran has swung back into his production element here as joins forces with two fabulous vocal talents, with both MC Darky and RB joining forces and getting involved. It seems surpisingly rare that we see old school bubblers like this come together, but we are sure glad that this one has come to the surface, courtesy of the fabulous ‘On Top’ imprint.

The track itself takes a slightly more electro-route than we are used to hearing from Smasher, as he laces together a super punchy combination of sizzling synthetic bass action, skippy drum rhythms and sharp atmospherics, providing the perfect backdrop for both MC Darky & RB to run tiot over. The themes of party starting and high energy vocal techniques throughout give this one a really strong dancefloor feel, giving us a wicked combination of vocal and production prowess. This is definitely a link up that works and one we would love to see emerge again.

You can check out the collaboration via link below, courtesy of JunoDownload


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