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Majora – Salt No Vinegar [877 Records]

Posted 10/9/18 in

As a label, 877 have become masters at cherry picking the best of bass music’s vast genre range, from bassline and tech to a more recent selection of funky anthems. Here we see them return on the funky flex with non other than Majora, one of the genre’s most innovative modern artists, pushing new ideas and themes throughout the sound.

The project. entitled ‘Salt No Vinegar’ is a three track special, with the title track being a subtle roller, built from ascending woodwind-like synths and extremely rhythmic backing percussion. Next up ‘Loose Like’ takes a more techy route, employing industrial percussive reverberations and wide sub ranges underneath unpredictable drum work. This is definitely a track for the the late night zoners. On remix duty, Drum Thing gets to work restringing ‘Salt No Vinegar’, giving it a more 4×4 structure without removing any of it’s rhythmic potency.

This is another solid piece of work from both Majora and 877, who continue to innovate as they go amongst a seriously conjested bass scene!

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Words: KXVU


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