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Magness – Blaze & Vibe

Posted 17/7/19 in

So today we are here to bring you a slice of nostalgic shellery as we invite in the sounds of Magness to the 3000 Bass page. For us it is very important that we are able to continue to diversify between the full breadth of UK Bass music, be that with the more subtle material you may find on the 3000 Deep channel, or more tear-out track such as this one!

When we say tear-out, we mean a track that has the ability to tear a dance to shreds, which is exactly what we expect to see of this original entitled ‘Blaze And Vibe’. The structure of this one is based heavily around the vibrant synthesizer swirls and naughty bass twists that work in unison to give us an overwhelming sense of energy, backed up with skippy rhythmic movement and tight drum work!

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