We continue to dive into what has been a truly explosive year for the CruCast team, we see they have once again pulled up for another full release, this time continuing their exploration into the wider realms of drum and bass. It’s always exciting to see new material from CruCast hit the stores, who have undoubtedly been one of the UK’s leading lights across electronic dance music over the past couple of years, giving home not only to the wide collection of established UK bass and D&B veterans that populate the scene, but also allowing itself to be a vibrant breeding ground for exciting new production talent.

Today we will be exploring a brand new EP from one of those newer faces, as Magenta steps forward for a very powerful four track display. Having been releasing high energy music since the early parts of 2020, it’s been a very exciting run for the Prague-based producer, whose unique approach to numerous different electronic music styles has gained him major support from some serious heavyweights, including the likes of Logan D, Bou, Hedex, Serum, Turno, Simula, Macky Gee and 1Xtra’s own Rene Lavice. This EP is a great look into why his sound is attracting so many of the big players from across the drum & bass spectrum.


Magenta - Rebel EP
Magenta – Rebel EP

Right from the jump, the ‘Rebel’ EP launches us into the stratosphere with a seriously sublow feel, as the title track is unleashed, holding a tonne of gnarly low ended energy and minimal drum pressure, setting the tone nicely with a very crunchy design. From here, a more up-tempo design as ‘Boss’ deploys midrange synthesizer melodies and more sub-busting drums for a potent follow up.

From here, ‘Gotham’ delivers a dizzying display of synthetic madness, launching ravers and party-goers across the dance into an absolute tizz with it’s nasty bass design, with ‘Don’t You’ taking it old school with a drone-like synth leading the way, before chirpy melodies and heavily processed drums as the back up ensemble.

This is another very cool collection from the CruCast team, within which we expect to see Magenta thrive! You can check out the full EP below: