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LX ONE launches Vantage Records with a killer Killa P combo and Icicle Remix [3000 Blog Premiere]

Posted 17/5/19 in

It’s an exciting time for dubstep at the moment, as the deeper, darker a more futuristic side of the genre paves the way for a massive resurgence. We have been monitoring dubstep’s popularity over the last few months, both as a genre of 140bpm music and as it’s own entity, seeing it leap up the charts of online stores around the internet.

Labels such as Foundation Audio. Duploc, Deep Dark n Dangerous and more have been putting on a clinic in regards to constantly potent releases. Coming from a dubstep background myself, this is super pleasing to see, as the darker, more sub infused corners of the genre begin to be rediscovered en masse.

One artist who has stayed true to the sound is LX ONE, a producer who over the years has played more than his part, putting together top quality releases for the likes of Wheel & Deal, Artikal Music, Stripes and more. His sound is sound crisp, that it plays the perfect representative for deep dubstep in it’s purest form.

We were therefore delighted to wake up to the news that he has decided to launch a brand new label project, with the first release being an explosive collaboration with the legendary Killa P.

 We have been lucky enough to be given the privilege of premiering it below:

The pair bring their combined might to the table, with thunderous, reesey synth work for LX ONE laying the foundation for Killa P’s exceptional vocal. On the remix, Icicle does what he does best and sends this one to the moon and back with smooth, precise D&B drumwork and synthetic layering, with stunning results.


Killa P

We were also able to grab a quick Q/A with LX ONE about the launch of the label and his future plans, which you can read below:

So how did this release with Vantage Records come about in the first place?

It was always a dream to start my own label and when I finished Link Up I felt it was a perfect tune to have as a first release.

As someone who is so respected across all different forms of deeper bass music, would you say this release summarises the sound you are currently looking to push? 

Answer: I feel the label will have varied sounds but will be a summary of what I love about 140 music; grimey dubstep, stripped back and dark.

How was it working with Killa P?

He’s a complete professional and his work rate is amazing. Always great to chat to and his positive can do energy is brilliant, I can’t speak highly enough about him.

Would you team up again?

Answer: Most definitely. I would like to get him on a track with another artist as I think he can work with anyone.

How do you feel about dubstep and 140 music in general at the moment?

The Dubstep 140 scene is in an amazing place. Parties are full of energy and so many artists are pushing the sound forward, from established artists to those up and coming. Still got a great community vibe to it. I look forward to meeting up with producers, DJs and MCs, it always gives me inspiration.

How do you feel about the Icicle remix?

As usual Icicle comes with the goods; a stripped back half time stepper was exactly what I wanted and he delivered perfectly.

What is next on the Horizon for you?

I will be concentrating on my productions for Vantage Records and also other labels who have hit me up and shown an interest in working with me. I’ll continue to collaborate and do dubstep sets in clubs and on radio and MC to Drum and Bass.

Any other shouts?

Shout outs to Icicle, SP, Cimm, N Type, Will, If and Saman. And anyone who continues to support, it means so much to me and it keeps me going to do what I love.

Thank you for the interview and chat about Vantage Records

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Words: KXVU

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