Lucent links up with 1Forty for a tasty PA Salieu & Backroad Gee flip

As far as bass labels go, 1Forty has become nothing short of a household name in its veteran run, and at 3000 we have definitely kept a very close eye on every release they grace us with. Starting off the year strong was a killer remix of a dance classic which we reviewed in January, and 1Forty have kept up the pace with their release which will definitely be a milestone in bringing back the glory of UK Funky in upcoming months. Lucent’s funky edit of Pa Salieu & Backroad Gee’s track My Family is a refreshing update on one that’s been doing the rounds across the UK for months, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this one.

Boasting a beat which took us back to the prime days of UK Funky, within seconds it’s easy to forget this comes as the label’s first funky track in over a year. Seamlessly coursing back into the genre is Merseyside’s one-to-watch producer Lucent, staying true to Pa Salieu & Backroad Gee‘s original work throughout.

However, we’re sure this is only the start for Lucent – after unleashing his force on a subtle but effective twist here, this signature style may just play a big role in the soundtrack of 2021. Both Backroad Gee & Pa Salieu‘s slick yet gritty vocals work with the dark yet groovy rhythm that’s manufactured by the producer, making it a track that’s dancefloor ready in an instant. With a driving energy and a firm grip on the mastery of genre bending, Lucent’s flip has taken the vibes sky high in a track that’s already top notch.

Strong starts are key to longevity – and having expected nothing less from 1Forty – we were once again impressed by the sheer quality of this reboot. What the future may hold for Lucent we can only anticipate, but there’s no doubt this is the last we will hear of the upcoming producer. Watch this space.

Check out the track below:

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