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LR Groove launches spicy new ‘Warmonger’ EP

Posted 18/11/19 in

As a genre and as a movement, 2019 has been a spectacular year for UK funky, a genre that has risen, evolved and expanded it’s borders with themes now spreading into the wider realms and more mainstream audiences of bassline and UKG. The pure energy that comes with funky is seemingly what is drawing people to the genre, with those crispy, vibrant drum slaps really changing the energies in dances up and down the country.

Today we are going to take a peek at one of the most exciting drops of the year as we check out the brand new release from the veteran sounds of LR Groove. Within the UK dance music community, there aren’t many names with such a historic back catalogue, with LR’s dating all the way back to 1999 when he first landed on Passion FM.

This EP is a fantastic example of just how good UK funky can be, as we first kick off with the incredibly vibrant ‘Warmonger’ title track. This one features a smooth, yet powerful vocal lead from Blackout JA, channeling both silky patois flow and a more carnival inspired sense of call and respond, which adds a potent dosage of energy to proceedings. As well as this, the project also features the instrumental version of the track, which rather unsurprisingly holds up very well on it’s own and also when in the mix and blend.

The rest of the EP also contains some tasty flavours, with the percussive know-how and constantly expanding sub-textures of ‘My Brother’ providing a lethal back up the title track for starters. The EP then rounds off with a real dose of magic as we jump into the super groovy snare slaps and well oiled rhythms of ‘Riddim Beater’, providing the perfect final dish in a banquet of funky delights.

We have attached full EP below for your listening pleasure:

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Words: KXVU

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