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Low Freqs & Incursion link up for a combustible compilation

Posted 7/8/20 in

If we were to take a look back over the breadth of underground music history, we honestly feel that there has never been a stronger point for independent dance music labels. The major labels are seemingly losing their grip over the direction of sound, with the underground champions reigning supreme. The catalogues being assembled and rosters being created is truly outstanding when you take a second to stand back and observe from afar. Today, we find ourselves diving into a fantastic link up which sees two of the brightest imprints to really kick on over the last eighteen monthts join forces for a collaborative smash of a compilation.

We have featured Low Freqs on the threethousand.co.uk platform numerous times, always being incredibly impressed by their audible versatility and undeinable consistency in the quality of music they release. We have also been keeping close tabs on Incursion, a label whose genre breadth has always astounded us, seeing them move seamlessly between rampant dubstep originals and grimey 140 rollers to tech-infused 4×4 explosions. The variation both labels offer is truly remarkable, which is what makes their link up so damn exciting.

The release is made up of 6 system pelters, kicking off with Chuck Shadow & Lowkey & forging together a bulbous yet expansive warbler by the name of ‘Gimme’, followed up closely by ‘Real Deep’, a high tempo roller juiced up by the combined talents of Nodsy & Brosif. From here the journey gets even more spicey as TVU & CANDL deliver a grizzly LFO chopper in ‘The Monster’, chased up by Skonka & Zero Trash’s groovy, percussive lead carnival bubbler ‘Average’ and the lethal reesey synthsizer madness of ‘Pint For Pint’ from Famburglar and Devilair. Finally, Melay & Inaudible slice together a minimal drum spread with a spacey atmospheric backing, bringing the release to a fabulous close.

We have attached the full release for your enjoyment below:

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Words: KXVU






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