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Low End speed up the pace as MPH arrives with a turbo drive new project

Posted 14/12/18 in

For us it’s always incredibly pleasing to see labels burst onto the scene alongside fresh, exciting new artists, brimming with ideas and futuristic sounds. For this reason, we are very excited to get stuck into this weighty four track arrangement from the likes of MPH, a Canterbury located bass wizard, who gets very busy indeed across this one. As a label project, Low End have been setting serious pace this, with a string of succesful releases under their belts. There is no doubt in our mind that this most recent project keeps up the pace.

The title track from this one launches us into an electronic whirlwind of synthesizers of powerful sub pressure, with a shuffling drum led introductory arrangement appearing first alongside ominous melodies, before an unearthly decent into sharp, high end bass lfo grooves and vocal slices. As title tracks go, it definitely does it’s job of setting the pace for the rest of the project. Next up we take a look at the shimmering bass tones and super skippy snare led drum creations of ‘Boombom’, which immediately establishes itself as another rave shaker.

Following this, we switch up the flavours slightly as we take a leasurely dip into the intro of ‘Fi’, which pulls together smooth, almost aquatic UKG themes, stacked with floating emotive harmonic energies and spacious textures. This then leads to a fabulous breakdown, into which lashings of smooth sub pressure are lathered beneath those deliciously airy pad movements. To finish up this one, we keep the moderized garage flavours alive, as we roam into the party vibes of ‘Tropics’. This is another one positively bristling with excitement from start to finish, as precisely designed drum loops and steadily rising sub and lead melodies work in unison to provide us with a happy injection of flavour.

This EP as a full body of work shows us that MPH is not here to play, displaying a range of technical skills and generally awesome musicality across both bass and UKG originals, a balance not many are able to pull off. We will therefore be keeping an eye on the young producer and DJ to see what else he gets up to as we find ourselves tumbling into the oncoming 2019.

You can check out our premiere of ‘Boombox’ here:

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Words by: KXVU

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