It’s always fun for us here at The 3000 Network to be able to explore artists we haven’t yet stumbled across, and we have to thank our fabulous readership for sending over so many suggestions on who to keep up to date with. If you are a regular reader of us here at The 3000 Network, you will know we have expanded to cover a wide range of genres over the years, but today we are heading back to our bass-driven roots to explore a spicey collaboration between two artists who have been generating a bit of a buzz for themselves over the last few months.

Enter: Loud Like & RadMan, a pair who whose old school approach to neurotic synthesis and groovy bass antics has been pushing them to the forefront over the last few months, combining their sounds in style on today’s collaborative exploration, which takes the title ‘C U Dance’. This whole area of bass music is such an interesting one position wise, not quite as tearout as some of the more EDM-inspired labels, but not as minimal as the more tech-driven imprints, giving it a unique pocket of water to paddle in freely among a tsunami of other incoming releases.

Loud Like & RadMan Sound
Loud Like & RadMan Sound

The track itself is a great one for the ammo box of any 4×4 DJ, with a combination of groovy bassline action and explosive synthetic design linking together as the primary drivers for the arrangement across the board. The introduction delivers a skippy set of skippy drum textures and pitched down vocal displays, that ultimately lead us tidily towards that monumental breakdown, with an electrifying lead synthesizer then taking control of the tracks direction, topped with bicycle bell rings and other cartoon like FX, followed by an unexpected half-time breakdown in the middle for a real thrill ride of an original.




You can stream the full track below: