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LOCKT unlocks a chest of goodies in brand new studio mix

Posted 11/12/18 in


When it comes to bass, grime, garage, funky and even dubstep to an extent, there is still a stigma around a lot of labels that they are going to be the bad guys. This for the most part is a pretty wide misconception, given that the majority of people running the independent labels often share the same passion for the music as the artists they have involved. This often leads to certain figures not getting a lot of the credit they deserve.

One of those people we feel is LOCKT, founder and head honcho of the now super popular 1Forty brand, a project which has attracted releases from the likes of Sammy Virji, Killa P, Maxsta, Killjoy, L U C Y and more. The label itself has become notorious for its ability to move around genres seamlessly, making them one of the most interest outfits currently working within the grime and bass scene in the UK.

LOCKT really does have things on lock it seems, as he heads up this fantastic movement with such precision, you have to take your hat off to him. We see him here get busy with a fantastic new studio mix, showcasing a tonne of material from the 1FORTY camp, making it a very enjoyable listen for your afternoon.

You can check out the mix below exclusively through LOCKT’s SoundCloud page:


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