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Livsey announces new UK Tour, and we ask him all about it

Posted 22/8/19 in

It’s always good to see the hard work paying off. At we have a real focus on pushing those who really put the effort in, and we definitely feel that Livsey is one of those people. Through a combination of behind the scenes jobs such as top quality video design and being one of the hottest producers to grace the UK bass scene in a hot minute, seeing him progress and move forward is always a joyous experience.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not just because of his work ethic we have so much time for the Leeds based producer, it’s just as much to do with his fantastic standard of bass music production, along with his super lively DJ sets. These two things have helped propel him forward, giving him the opportunity to put together a top quality UK Tour, seeing him visit eleven different locations, including a fantastic finale in Germany midway through November.

We also see him touch down all across the UK, with September seeing him visit Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Southampton, followed by trips top Bath, Sheffield, Colchester, Leicester and Huddersfield in October, with a tasty home booking in Leeds wedged in the middle of the month.

He also brings along a star studded cast to join him on his journeys, as the likes of Deppz, Ferguson, Hood Groove, J69, Limita and Palize join him on different stages of the tour, making these some seriously stacked up shows. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with the man of the hour to discuss how he feels about the tour, and balancing so many different aspects of the creative lifestyle. We have transcribed if for your full viewing below:

I remember seeing a post from you last year on social media saying something along the lines of “Finally i can actually spend some time working on music”, referring to all the other work you do. How do you find a balance?

Being fully self employed can be hard at times, as you never have a routine. But the best way I’ve overcome this is by actually sorting myself a routine now. I usually try to write a track/idea every day now whether than be in the morning of the night whenever I am feeling most creative. I don’t spend too long as I feel you should write what’s natural and if you spent hours trying to force something it shows.

What have you put out there this year?

So I started off this year with probably my biggest track still to this day ‘Supersonic’ which came out on Goofs album ‘Globes’. After that I put out Persia VIP Via Crucast then I started to self release some of the stuff I was sitting on. I put out Elation in June which is still one of my favourite tracks I’ve written. I was absolutely buzzing with the support considering it was a self-release. The month after (June) I put out something different with my good friend @hoodgroove, this was more chilled compared to my usual music but I am really happy with that release as well. Coming up next is my next single ‘Can’t Understand’ coming out on Crucast. I have been sat on that track for a very long time so its feel really great to put it out there! I am currently aiming to release a piece of music every 4-6 weeks so give my schedule more consistency, my next EP is going to be drum & bass which I am currently in the middle of working on.


So let’s talk about the tour, firstly, are you excited? 

Is rain wet? Haha yeah man I am sooooooooo excited for it. This year has been fairly dry for gigs so I have just been in full studio mode trying to find myself artistically more and more every day as well as improve my production. I am getting to a point where I am really finding out who I am musically and evolving my sound so I feel the tour is a perfect way to showcase to everyone what I am about.

How did you go about choosing the locations?

Mainly a mixture of places I’ve played that have been a madness and places I’ve always wanted to play. I am really lucky to have some amazing promoters and venues on board with the tour and I am couldn’t be happier!


Which venue are you most looking forward to?

My hometown show in Leeds. I’ve set that one up myself with one of my old event brands called ‘blueprint’. Its in a venue where I used to do my favourite residency called ‘Rewind’ so everything put together it makes that show very VERY sentimental to me.

How do you find the travel between venues?

Travelling can be boring, especially when you do it alone, but travelling with friends is always a good laugh and I’m travelling alone on any of the dates so its worked out perfect!


What’s next for you music wise?

Keep on the journey to find myself musically, find a solid sound that fully represents me and stands out, then hopefully start an album next year!

Have you been enjoying the re-emergence of UKG?

Always loved UKG! Especially 2 step there is something about the skippy triplet beats that just makes you wanna dance. If you can stay still to a 2 step beat then we’re not friends haha! I am happy it is starting to make a come back but then again I feel like it has always had a secret place in peoples hearts.

Off topic slightly, did you manage to catch any of Glastonbury?

I watched a few videos afterward like the Chemical Brothers set and obviously Stormzy, unreal scenes. Looked so sick, its a festival I have always wanted to go to!


What festival would you want to play above anything else?

My main two dream festivals have always been Creamfields & Ultra Music Festival just because they always seemed to be the videos I found myself watching on YouTube when I was 15 or so. I am very very grateful to be play Creamfields it is honestly a dream come true.

So, the next few months, what’s in the planner?

Creamfields, Tour, write a fuck load more music, make more memories and most importantly – have fun!


Any other shouts?

Shout out the Noisey Places Tour gang J69, Palize, Deppz, Hood Groove, Ferguson & Limita!


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Words: KXVU

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