Over our run as a UK Bass music blog, here at The 3000 Network we keep not only a close eye on the names of the future, but also ones that roll into our inbox again and again with their powerful returns. MPH is one of the names that has been no stranger to us all the way from 2019, with the storm of the East returning this time with a bubbly approach to UK Garage named Levelz 2 Dis. MPH has carved his name into the history of UKG through his re-imagination of the genre with an injection of youthful energy. With the backing of mainstay label 1Forty, we were sure to expect another sizzler from one of the most exciting prospects of the new generation of bass producers.


The track itself is nothing short of a summer anthem, yet still takes a slightly edgy approach with distorted brass samples and the vocals from Coco hinting toward the prime years of grime in their flavours. Levelz 2 Dis stutters into a more experimental twang that toes the line between classic and clever. The duo carefully curate a dynamic show in just 3 short minutes that’s ready to do some serious damage.


Radiating the vibe of all the beer gardens due to be full in just a few months, Levels 2 Dis is one that’s sure to be a standout of any dance fanatic this summer. 


Nothing in this track is minimalist, from the rumbling percussion all the way through to the twinkling synths creating a joyful jazz. It’s a safe bet to say that the Canterbury-based producer has formed his own language with a bassy dialect in just a few short years. In a move that’s clearly still MPH, but with a shaken-up formula, the veteran label have once again managed to showcase the best in the game. Feast your ears on a sonic snapshot of the days ahead.

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