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Lengoland announce new season of War Dubs

Posted 9/1/20 in

It’s most definitely an exciting time across multiple different areas of the UK underground music scene as we have seen numerous different battles and clashes kick off to give the year somewhat of an explosive start. The most notable of these clash circles is seemingly between grime’s godfather in Wiley, who has sent out the artillery for world-wide phenomenon Stormzy, who has responded with some serious heat. The pair have been going at each other via Twitter and numerous clash dubs each, with Dot Rotten, Jay1 & Jaykae providing the earlier skirmishes.

We also saw Lewi B lift the most recent BeatBoss title with one of the most powerful performances in the tournament to date a couple of weeks ago. This has lead to some exciting announcements from BeatBoss founder Tiatsim, including talk of a Champions League event between the winners, alongside an upcoming labels clash. It’s looking like it’s all getting very, very spicy.

Nothing excites fans like a clash within a scene. This is a trait shared by the majority of bass music, and with it being a direct descendent of soundsystem culture, an area of music littered with clashes and laced with a competitive nature, it’s hardly surprising to see the response.

Yesterday evening saw the announcement of a highly anticipated return to the fray for a competition that during it’s first few run throughs gained incredible support, as Lengoland announce the latest edition of their ‘War Dubs’ season, featuring some of the most sought after names both across their extensive forum roster and across the bass scene in general.

The platform itself takes a primary focus on bass music, and even though their clashes have occasionally delved into a more grimey setting, they have returned to their home world on this one in regards to the combatants, although the competition does state that it is an open-genre format.

The list of previous entrees for this tournament is an absolute madness when written down, including the likes of Distinkt, Bushbaby, Darkzy and other bass heavyweights.

We have attached the full release poster below and boy does it look exciting:

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Words: KXVU

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