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Left/Right switches it up on brand new Mad Zoo drop

Posted 10/7/19 in

One thing we are seriously enjoying about the bass scene worldwide at the minute is it’s sense of versatility, as we are seeing a number of producers actively evolving their production style to keep them standing out from the rest of the crop. We are seeing this mostly within the garage / bass crossover as producer utilize different elements to add a softer, more colourful tone to their production.

One producer we have been watching progress for a while is Left/Right, a Dallas based soundsmith who has been gathering quite a lot of steam over the last 18 months, linking up with some prestigious label projects including Punks, Dirtybird, Mau5strap and more. He here touches down on Mad Zoo to experiment with his usually more reesey style of composition for a stunning piece of future garage.

It’s all about atmosphere in this area, and maintaining that throughout the entirety of a composition is the most difficult thing. This is a challenge that Left/Right most certainly rises to as ‘Black Hole’ takes us down an emotive rollercoaster of shimmering pads, skippy drum arrangements and growling sub structures, perfect for a switch up either in the dance or just in your day to day listening playlist.

This track comes part of a very special compilation from Mad Zoo, which features twelve original creations, showcasing varying styles and themes from the label. You can check out the full body of work below:

We were also lucky enough to grab a quick chat with Left/Right himself about the release and his constantly evolving style, which you will be able to check out below:

t’s been a bit of a crazy year for you, what has been your highlight so far?

It’s been a blur, definitely! I think gig highlights have been playing Lightning In a Bottle and being booked for Shambhala next month, and release highlights have definitely been landing tunes on Mau5trap and Mad Zoo, alongside my singles on Punks and Broken. 

The other main highlight for me personally has just been my output, I’ve been finishing and releasing 2-3x what I did laster year and I’m excited to be branching out more too. 

How do you feel you have grown as a producer?

I’ve always been a multi-genre producer behind the scenes… my studio job is teaching / helping other people produce music and my clients make everything from techno to edm and pop. This year I’m really letting loose with what I want to make for Left/Right and I’m also launching a new alias You Us We Them which is even more versatile. On top of all of this I have a short film score releasing later this year and have been writing more music for commercials. 

Where do you see your sound going over the next few months?

Great question, I have 5-6 more tunes that are either done or almost finished and we’re still working out which tracks will come out and when, but I’m definitely pushing the multi-genre approach more and more. I’ve traditionally been known as more of a broken-beat / garage producer but I am going to be releasing a lot more house, bass house, and a little left-field alongside my traditional material. 

What releases have you had out so far this year?

Whew, I think I’ve had 9 tracks already this year… In order there was my remix on Mau5trap, bootlegs of Fisher and Virtual Self, my big single One/Two with Dread Mc + Bodyblow, remixes of Marten Horger and Stanton Warriors, a collab with Khesis on my label BRØKEN, my single Walls with Just10, and finally Black Hole (with me singing) on Mad Zoo. 

Which has been your favourite?

Ooh, that is tough to say…it depends in what way, haha. One/Two has been crushing the charts on Beatport (over 110 days in the breaks top 10 now) but to be fair I’ve been done with that tune for 2 years now. I’d probably have to say my remix of Rise by Stanton Warriors because it has a lot of me in it and it crushes every time I’ve played it out, and then my collab with Khesis  “Could Be” because it’s super odd but also extremely powerful combo of beauty and bass. 

What was it like working with Mad Zoo?

Amazing. To be honest the signing was a bit of a shock, my manager Zander and I had clocked them for awhile as they are really a solid rising tastemaker label and of course Mat Zo is super talented and diverse with his work… We sent over some music and Black Hole was the one they were into it so I’m very honored to be a part of his imprint and movement. The other artists on the compilation are great too! 

What is next on the horizon for you?

Gig-wise I’m gearing up for my art show with Trespass “FUTURE” July 19th in Dallas, gigs in San Francisco and Seattle announcing soon, and of course Shambhala Aug 10th on the Amp stage. I’ll also be releasing collabs with Isenberg, Allen, and my coveted bootlegs of Billie Eilish and Fat Boy Slim later this year. 

Lastly I’m hoping to do more live-streams and tutorials so producers shout out to me what kind of material you want to learn about! 

Any other shouts?

Yes, I could shout endlessly but have to thank my core team Zander (Mgmt and label partner) and Sahil (agent) for pushing me into new areas, s/o to Isenberg, Patch Notes, and Greed. for being a big part of pushing BRØKEN to new heights, s/o Punks and Stanton Warriors for always supporting unique bass music. S/O my partner Trespass at FUTURE for helping make crazy art ideas a reality alongside Jencey/Cole at Sweet Tooth Hotel, and finally big big shouts to anyone that has listened or supported my music, it means a lot to me. 

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