Over the years since The 3000 Network has been active in and around the UK bass scene, we have always tried to keep an eye on what is going on with as many label projects as possible, monitoring their progression and exploring their catalogues as they continue to advance and progress. For today’s outing, we are once again heading over to the Incursion Records camp, who for the last few years have been on a fantastically consistent run of form, both unearthing production gems and giving a solid platform for their roster to use to impress the world with strings of incredibly potent bass music releases. 

The run in the last few months has been pretty monstrous, now moving onto the latest two track display from the one and only Lalzin, a French producer based in Rennes (who has previously released on our very own 3000 Bass imprint) whose sound has made a real splash across the water, gaining him some serious support among a number of UK platforms including ourselves here at The 3000 Network.

This, therefore, is a fantastic opportunity for Lalzin to flex his production muscles and unveil something truly unique, which in our eyes he has most certainly achieved across both of these dancefloor-ready dynamite sticks.


We begin our exploration with a look at the title track ‘Ravers Control’, an original very clearly designed for the late night crew as we hear Lalzin combine a number of influences, including groovy percussive leads reminiscent of the UK’s ‘crack house’ era, in combination with metallic drum bashes and atmospheric pad delays in the ether surrounding it to give us a really unique sonic design that continues to expand as it goes.



On the flip to this, we are gifted a very lively vocal collaboration to match, taking the title ‘Time To Shake’ and welcoming the ever-ready toasting displays of MC Kane. The pair combine with some real power on this one as the fusion of scatty, high ended pitch-bending synth leads and Kane’s dancefloor-inspiring verses gives us another unique look at modern bass music and rounding off this project with a splash and sealing a pretty impressive display from all involved.


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