Next up, we are welcoming a pretty monumental EP project from the one and only kyogre, who touches down on the 3000 Bass imprint with a superhero-like landing.

The expansion of bass and tech music’s union within 4×4 is becoming more and more apparent every day, with both tracks on this spicy new project exploring that relationship, kicking off with the thunderous percussive inputs and all around party-starting flavours of ‘Fatty’.
Meaningfully distorted drums and well timed vocal slices play a vital lead role here as we are engulfed in a wash of potent drum grooves, before flipping the release onto the B-side.

At this point the party switches as ‘Boss’ unveils a much more melodic approach. Whilst the A-side focuses solely on booming drum production, this creation keeps all that energy, except this time it comes adorned with fluttering, bubbly synth energy and ascending melodic arpeggios, giving the whole track an extremely vibrant feel. We couldn’t be happier to be giving both of these stingers a home and welcoming kyogre into the 3000 Bass roster in general!