KXVU launches socially distanced raving documentary, featuring Skepsis, Beastwang, Lakota, Bushbaby and more

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been somewhat of a whirlwind across the world. At threethousand.co.uk we take pride in covering as much as we can around underground dance music in the UK and what with the shutting down of nightlife as we know it back in March, the UK scene has become a somewhat troubled place. Numerous venues have been forced to close indefinitely, with numerous festivals, events and parties being forced to postpone until a long time into the future. Because of this, we have seen the unusual scenario in which clubs and events companies have been putting together “Socially Distanced Raves”.

Following on from a high intensity run of content creation and radio programming, our very own KXVU has got very stuck in with this topic and in the process has built an exclusive independant documentary by the name of ‘What Does Socially Distanced Raving Actually Look Like”. With the consistency at which KXVU has been supplying content for us here at threethousand.co.uk, alongside the rapid growth of his YouTube channel and catalogue of radio interviews on the Trickstar Radio breakfast show, it was only a matter of time before a project like this came around.

The documentary itself features interviews with some of the most popular underground DJ’s in the UK, including Skepsis, MPH, Bushbaby and Hamdi, alongside a look at the situation for more supporting DJ’s such as Baloo and Drumwork. KXVU also sits down to speak with numerous event companies around the UK, including a conversation with Nico Singh, founder of Leicester’s Beastwang, Eoin Fenton of Lakota and Luke Franco, head honcho at Supercharged Brighton. On top of this KXVU also speaks to Forca about how this situation has effected MC’s specifically, alongside an extended talk with Don’t Flop’s Rowan Faife, looking into the troubles of live events without crowds in general.

The documentary has already started to pick up some momentum, with the channel sky rocketing past 5000 subscribers since it’s launch on Friday evening.

You can check out the full documentary below:

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