As always with The 3000 Network, we are keen to make as much effort as possible to explore and showcase UK-influenced dance music from around the world. Today, we are very excited to be continuing that journey as we take a quick jump across the pond to central Europe as Hamburg, Germany becomes our point of interest. There is a pretty exciting situation bubbling away in the local area, with numerous crews and collectives starting to really push the boundaries of sound, including the likes of Hoch10WobWobUrban Wildlife and Grime Grime Grime. There is a positive buzz around the city and today’s feature focusses in one of the leading lights behind the movement.

Enter: Kuno, an original member of both Funky Kartell & Global Warming, whose production style fuses experimental rhythms with colourful melodic twists, often taking us into previously unexplored realms of garage and breakbeat hybridization. He has been on a pretty exciting run when we look through the previous pieces of work to emerge, with a particular highlight being a killer collaborative release alongside Shey Rah on Strictly Flava, which picked up a fair bit of local and international support.



This latest drop pretty much encapsulates what we find so interesting about Kuno’s sound as he delivers a lively VIP mix of ‘Crave More‘, working this time on a solo steeze with a self-release structure. When it comes to the track itself, it s fabulous display of production prowess, giving us a skippy, breaks inspired introduction, focussing on stripped back drum textures and floating organ chord manoeuvres, which then picks up sweeping sub textures as we hurtle towards a hell of a breakdown.  The drop itself then dives straight down into the darkest, deepest depths of breakbeat flavour, exploring stuttered, unpredictable drum grooves and some well place vocal slides, building a top quality sense of atmosphere throughout.

Overall, this one is a must have for the late night raving crew, with it being perfect for an unexpected switch up on any set-list. You can check out the release via SoundCloud below:


Download via Bandcamp here:

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