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Kryphon touches down on Lengoland with forward thinking bass original

Posted 9/10/19 in

Ah, Lengoland, what a place it is. Really, there aren’t many online communities that have grown into such a consistent Goliath as the team at Lengoland, who starting as a Facebook group a few years back, have gone on to become one of the most reliable imprints in the scene. Between their sell out live events and forward thinking label arm, there aren’t many people who have been able to keep pace with the Leng movement, with the brand constantly evolving and bringing in fresh, exciting new producers to bless our bass-deprived ear drums.

On the label side of things, the brand clearly takes pride in showcasing upcoming talent, with their previous releases often being the breakout moment for the producers involved, including Wheeto and Claybrook to name a pair. This latest project however sees them bring in the skills of Kryphon, The Birmingham based producer has certainly been kicking up a bit of noise in recent times, seeing his tracks gain some truly incredible support from some of the biggest DJ’s in EDM, including the legendary Borgore.

That support is made even clearer by the fact that his latest single, which takes the name ‘Mumbai’ was actually officially premiere as part of Diplo’s Saturday night BBC Radio 1 show. Is there a more exciting place for a track to be premiered in the world right now?

Let’s take a look at the track itself, which as the name ‘Mumbai’ would suggest, takes on a more unusual introduction, in comparison to the vast majority of UK bass music anyway, as we are greeted by shimmering sitar plucks and rising melodic patterns, dripping with colourful vocal slices and dark, bassy horn tones, before we descend into a carnage-fueled breakdown.

High tempo is an understatement as lethal drum arrangements cascade around a set of high pressure bass synthesizers, all wiling out yet complimenting each other, giving this track a serious amount of energy and an assurance of a ruckus in the dance! We can safely say that Lengoland have delivered an absolute treat with this one, and we are looking forward to seeing what both the label and Kryphon have to bring to the table in 2020.

We have attached the track for you to check out below: 


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Words: KXVU

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