Aw we continue to explore the vast spectrum of label releases around the now extended UK bass and garage scenes, we are once again drawn right back to Sheffield as on of our favourite label imprints returns for another tasty delivery, this time taking us back into a much more old-school inspired sound. We are of course talking about the incredibly versatile Wub Club, headed up by Forca with some a high level of energy and love for the music they are releasing.

Their catalogue in recent times is all you need to look at to describe the label’s sound, basically saying that if it’s likely to turn a dancefloor into a zoo, they want to be involved! For this latest offering they are welcoming back a face that is also going to inspire a few smiles, both in front of and behind the ones and twos.

Enter: Kryphon, the Birmingham-based bassline mastermind, who has been very involved with the midland and northern bass scenes for a hot minute now, constantly staying ahead of the curve with his hard hitting creations and exciting production style. This release sees him return to The Wub Club roster with a couple of firecrackers hidden up his sleeve, perfect for the returning rave environments we are seeing up and down the country.

We begin our look at this one with ‘Saxy’, a really clever, sample-lead creation that focuses heavily on a singular saxophone sample, sliced up and thrown left, right and centre to give us an incredible sense of energy, especially when encased in such a lively selection of drum rhythms and percussive progressions. This is going to cause some real damage on dancefloors nationwide with it’s electrifying energy levels, switching between old school bassline themes and NUKG-style switch ups.

On the flipside to this, we see more fantastic sampling at work as the complex synthesizer slides and flutey backdrops of ‘Dimension’ then dive forward. This one takes a slightly scratchier approach, but through those unique synth rattles and colourful harmonic layers, providing the perfect flip to the A-side. Both of these are carnage-causing gemstones that The Wub Club have delivered inside an elite package for DJ’s worldwide.

We have attached some previews of the release below, which you can check out via our good friends over at JunoDownload: 

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