In the lead up the Christmas holidays, it is quite traditional within the music industry for projects to start slowing down and the general vibe to become more relaxed and stripped back in the amount of tracks that get released. However, the dance music sector appears to be absoloutely on fire this year and there has never been a higher magnitude of top quality UKG releases landing over the winter. This is so exciting to watch as it means that even over the usual break, the quality and consistency is remaining, with so many of our favourite imprints actually speeding up their rate of release rather than slowing it all down.

One label that has shown a pretty unmatchable level of consistency throughout 2021 is of coure Steppers Club, a label you will have seen popping up here at threethousand.co.uk on a regular basis if you have been following us for a while. We are always amazing by the freshness of project they are able to deliver, from the vibrant sonic experiences to the colourful, inviting artwork, everything always seems to just fit right onto our musical tastebuds. Today they have launched yet another top draw project, as they invite the one and only Kobe JT back from somewhat of a short hiatus, to deliver to colourful 2-step thumpers for us to all enjoy.

In our eyes, Kobe JT has always been a bit of an unsung favourite of the new garage movement, with his creations always being doused in beautiful melodic design and cool drum processing, with this two tracker continuing that theme but with a slightly more minimal approach. We kick off with ‘Klub’, a gorgoues display of sweeping nostalgic chord progressions and steadily progressing synthesizer action, giving the whole track a super airy yet rave-ready feel. From here we then find ourselves drifting smoothly into ‘That Girl’, a slightly harsher but just as pleasing design focussing more on the use of the space and punchy drums, allowing reverberated synth pulses to take the lead melodic role.

Both tracks are a big yes from us, which you can check out via the link below:

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