Kobe JT & Para join forces for exclusive new bandcamp EP

It sure is an exciting time for UK music of all genres and styles, as we find ourselves finallly pulling out of the traditional december lul and back into the swing of regular releases across the board. Today, we are diving back into our UKG bag as we welcome both Kobe JT and Para to check out their exciting new two track bandcamp drop. Collabroative EP’s for us are always an interesting type of project to check out, as we never quite know who will be holding the influence over which areas of the compositions themselves, a guessing game that always keeps us entertained.

When it comes to the actual EP, we can safely say that both artsits have excelled in their collaborative efforts, gifting us two rave-ready missiles that we simply cannot wait to hear on a full system, when lockdown comes to a final close of course. We begin with the A-Side ‘Warfare’, a pretty subtle sizzler, combining a volumptuous compiation of bugling sub-synths and lively percussive elements to really ram home the idea of intriciate rhythmic design. When this is then coupled with those sweeping pad textures and unpredictable blips, we find ourselves englufed within a serious banger.

On the flip, we hear the vibe switch up quite substantially as ’05 Crew’ sends us down a completely different pathway, exploring a much more melodic side of the UKG spectrum than the first track, lashing together super colourful organ leads and uplifting vocal slices for a charming 4×4 landscape. Both tracks offer something completely different for different situations, which is why we are so happy both collaborations went ahead for us all to enjoy. As far as the release is concerned, it is currently available to grab exclusively via bandcamp, the link to which we have attached below for you:

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