Koala delivers vibrant new LP on Ruffhouse industries

We are back gain here at The 3000 Network to deliver a fabulous week of high quality dance music content, as ever, looking to explore and expand our knowledge base to cover as much of the underground world of electronic music as we possibly can. Today, that means our journey travels across the channel and a few miles more as we head into Munich, Germany for a look at their brand new EP release from a very exciting, Helsinki-based artist by the name of Koala. Making his debut on this site, we couldn’t have been more excited to take a peek at exactly what he had been up to creating this saucy new six tracker.

Right from the off, we could tell we were going to be in for a good time as the tracklisting commences with a glistening funky-inspired cration by the name of ‘Laisser’, laiden with expansive drum rhythms and colourful percussive snippits, injecting the life into a party carnival style. Next, ‘ICTSYD’ continues down a similar path, focussing more on it’s dynamic percussive injections and chiming melodic structure, again swimming with authentic sounding production energy. The pace then quickens significantly as we hop skip and jump into ‘Energia’, a kuduro-sounding smash, driven by it’s syncopated snare slaps and off-beat plucked melodies. The EP couldn’t have got off to a better start.

We then move into ‘Cabin II’ as Koala delivers an industrial sounding garage version, stitching together mettalic sound percussive brushes and minimal melody work with some serious style. From here then, we move into the remixes as Mignon gets busy with a much more intricate recreation of ‘Laisser’, giving it a more percussive-lead feel, followed by Strict Face supplying us with a charged up, click-heavy revamp of ‘Energia’, giving it a much more techno-inspired landscape to round off this fabulous body of with with a bang!

You can check out the full EP previews below:

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