We are very excited to introduce this sumptuous two-track display from Klein UK, who following on from a very busy year of releases himself has unleashed two dance floor ready rollers, perfect for the late night raving crew to let loose to. Originally from South Africa but now based in the UK, both tracks from this fabulous drop contain a very expansive, more globally influenced take on the tech-house sound, which we can’t get enough of.

We kick off with the nostalgia-inducing organ stabs and stuttered percussive slides of ‘Hook Em Up’, a fizzing stick of 4×4 dynamite, capturing an original house-driven essence within its lively rhythms and clean arrangement. On the flip side to this we are gifted another treat in ‘Sub Dagger’, a bubbling combination of cowbell-induced percussive plucks and spacey vocal textures, all morphing together into a big room roller.

Both originals are must haves for returning tech house DJ’s, giving us the perfect end of year drop from the 3000 Deep imprint.