2021 has been a very interesting year for the underground dance music scene as a whole, with numerous different platforms and movements having to seriously alter their methods and techniques to remain active and then back again once everything started to re-open. This has of course lead to some difficult situations but also some very exciting ones as numerous event companies went on to switch their focus from live shows to full scale label releases, one of whomst we are going to be taking a close look at today following a fantastic run of releases and a killer end of year send-off.

The Wub Club, headed up but Sheffield’s own vocal mastermind Forca, has been one of the real driving forces in allowing event brands to transition fully into the label spectrum, with their catalogue across the breadth of 2021 looking stronger than ever and their roster expanding to showcase some of the brightest talents across UK garage and bass music. For their latest offering, they have mustered up a very spicy four track selection to round off the year off in style, welcoming the ever-ready sounds of Kitson to deliver the goods.

Now, deliver the goods is exactly what he did as we take a look at this EP in more detail. The whole project just bleeds finesse in it’s production approach, kicking off with the super experimental bass pulses and expansive synthetic textures of the title track ‘Substance’, an aptly named orginal that describes exactly what this EP is full to the brim with. Next, a much more UK bass influenced design as the alien-like bleeps and shuffling drum stutters of ‘Mama‘ take us on a very different direction, followed closely then by ‘Sorry’, again drawing a back of square-wave style influences from old school niche originals.

Finally, ‘Be The One’, gives us a grizzly finale, linking up bulbous bassy warbles with crunchy 4×4 drums and more atmospheric synth brilliance, rounding off another excellent addition to The Wub Club’s discography. This whole project is solid and a great way to round off the year, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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