The machine behind the brand over at YosH has been bumping away for a number of years now, with the team seemingly more enthusiastic than ever to showcase the latest underground dance music flavour across their numerous different label outputs. Today we are taking a look at the original project as we see the label unleash a bit of a monster for the dancefloors, exploring the more raucous side of bass music with this system-ready sizzler, welcoming in an unlikely collaboration to the roster.

First of all, let’s speak on Kirbs, a Brighton & Worthing based producer and DJ who has been putting in a pretty impressive graft for the last few years down on the south coast. Through an explosive combination of live shows at some of the biggest venues across the south, alongside a string of radio appearances and a pretty solid run of full releases, it’s a surprise to us that his efforts haven’t been more widely hailed as of yet. For this latest drop on YosH however, it’s safe to say that he has turned the gas mark up a few notches as he welcomes in the additional vocal prowess of Duke Sky, one of the most notable voices in bass music through numerous different avenues.

This one is full of electronic sizzle, combining the very notable toasted vocal tones of Duke Sky with a gnarly bass of synthetic flavour, conjured up in the lab by Kirbs. The energy levels on this one are set very high, with the whole track feeling a tad nostalgic, returning a few years into the past to when the bass scene was at it’s most grizzly in regards to sound design and texture. This is definitely a track we can see lighting up a few dances as the winter months continue.

You can check out the full single via the link below, courtesy of our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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