It’s been a busy start to the year for the entirety of the wider UKG scene, with so many events popping right from the jump, the labels and artists crafting the sound have seemingly been on double shifts, delivering a frankly outstanding level of top quality releases with seemingly no real Christmas break. Today, we are taking a look at one of the labels that really does lead the way with discovering and showcasing the newest UKG flavour and unleashing the latest talent, that project of course being Garage Shared. It does seem somewhat of a rarity that we go any more than a few weeks without discussing the label, with this latest single drop on their sister outfit GS Dubs being exactly what we are talking about.

The track itself takes the title ‘Night Shift’, and comes to us from another brand new name who we are pretty sure is going to start arriving on numerous people’s scopes and radars over the coming weeks and months. Enter: Kiefer Ian, an Indianapolis based producer whose infectious take on the UKG sound has already started rattling a few label cages, with the likes of both Strictly Flava & Garage Shared immeidately picking up on the fabulously colourful collection of sounds he has been delivering over the past couple of months.

This Garage Shared introduction is therefore the perfect way for us to find out a bit more about the producer, with the single starting in a typically high energy fashion, linking together bright, bulbuous pad textures and shuffling breaksy drums, leading towards a gorgeous, horn-driven breakdown, perfect for that little dancefloor energy injection we all know and love. This is a great way for Kiefer to introduce his sound to an even wider audience, with the production skillset on display being pretty clear and obviously ready for the big leagues.

You can check out the audio for this brand new single via our friends over at JunoDownload using the embedded link below:

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