So far, January has proved to be one of the most explosive starts to the year for bass music in recent memory, with a string of top quality drops already driven out across the month and plenty more announced for the first couple of months within bass music’s extended realms. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at a pair of artists and a label that really aren’t afraid to sweep across the genre boundaries and explore grounds, with a top quality new single that today landed in all stores for our enjoyment.

Enter: Kiddah, one of the UK’s most unique production talents in our eyes, constantly pushing the boundaries around UK breaks and bass music, finding unique pockets of sonic beauty and utilizing them with a stunning stream of uniquely designed creations. For today’s feature, he is joining forces firstly with Em Roe, a fantastic vocalist who over the last year or so has built an impactful relationship with a number of the more abstract producers within the bass scene, supplying spacious vocal overlays and emotive lyrical displays to add a dash of finesse to everything she touches.

The pair have joined forces once again on a vibrant new single that takes the title ‘Tonight’, which comes to us courtesy of Southpoint, Brighton‘s premiere imrpint for anything dance music related, who continue their fiery start to 2022 following on from the super popular drop of Cortese’s ‘Intersection’, which we previously featured.

The track itself is a serious piece of rave ammunition, as we play witness to the system-busting fusion of Kiddah’s electrifying synthetic techniques and Em Roe’s gorgeous vocal additions, interweaving brilliantly amidst the overall chaos of the arrangement. With a choppy combination of post-breaks style drum designs and bubbling reesey chirps, the whole layout of this one screams individualism and comes as the latest of a long line of collaborations between both artists. With this single donning a similar artwork style to the recent Cortese single as well, we wonder if there is a big project on the way for the Southpoint team!

You can check out the single via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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