Now over the years, are good friends over at Southpoint HQ have constantly supplied us with two things. Firstly, they have never wavered in regards to the quality of the music they unleash. There is never a release that doesn’t have a standout feature or some quirky addition that makes the track involved memorable standouts, they seem to prefer exploring rather than following in that sense. The second thing is of course that they have never, even at this later stage of the label’s development, have they ever focussed solely on their bigger artists.

For projects to continue to grow and prosper, the alternation between big selling names and vibrant new school artists is essentially, and there are few that help artists build their story better than the Brighton based imprint.

For their latest outing, they are welcoming another full release debutant as Kiddah makes a splash with four sizzling originals, all taking elements of his own unique production style to create a seriously impactful selection. We begin with ‘Grip’, possibly the most classic sounding Kiddah design on the project, which hears a combination of raucous rave-ready synthesiser bellows alongside sharpened breakbeat slices to cause a serious ruckus. Next, ‘The Way’ sees MRo join the party as the pair explore a much more delicate piece of sound design, topped with some angelic vocal layering to match.

From here we descend into the dungeon-driven depths of dubstep as Diligent Fingers leaps onto ‘Run Di Place Red’ with a gnarly, patois infused vocal lead, adding the perfect amount of spice to Kiddah’s already room-shaking craft below. He has also included the instrumental version for good measure.

This is sure to be one of the years most innovative original releases and we can’t wait to see what both Kiddah and the Southpoint team have in store for us!

You can check out the full release via the Southpoint SoundCloud below:

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