Kells does it again with another corking drop on Downplay

The last two years has seen garage really boom in the UK and worldwide, with the sound becoming more and more expansive and more producers getting involved in the movement than ever before it would seem. Now the structure of the garage scene is broken up into multiple different levels, from your old school veterans making returns to new labels springing up and landing right in the limelight. The depth that the scene is now able to produce in terms of releases and artist catalogues is pretty amazing to say the least.

Today we are going to be taking a look at a label family that is without a doubt one of the most consistent out there. The Slime Recordings group is just such an interesting project to behold, across numerous different individual labels they have built a truly outsanding catalogue, with the garage arm of Downplay being one of our favourite players on the market right about now. They have got together with Kells to unleash a seriously spicy pack of new garage bangers for us all to enjoy, and enjoy we oh so certainly shall. This isn’t the first time these two have linked up either, with Kells having a solid catalogue already in place within the Slime Recordings catalogue.

The EP is made up of three absolute belters, kicking off with the sounds of ‘Flinch’. This one is a combination soulful succulence and experimental groove, calling upon numerous different percussive stabs and unusual vocal pitching atop an array of smooth, futuristic pads. Next, ‘Extra Faff’ takes us down an age of space-age synthesizer squelches and super choppy drum work to give us something very different from the A-side. Finally, the reliable sounds of Yemi arrive just in time to give ‘Flinch’ a super stripped back, dubbed out refurb, putting the finishing touches on an excellent release!

You can check out the full release below:

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